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Egeli Motor Engine Renewal and Reconditioning

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Our company fully covers the engine reconditioning workmanship of all diesel, gasoline and LPG powered engines.

In addition to the standart equipment we use as part of our business, we provide minimum error and maximum performance with cost-effective prices using our lathe and other support equipment. Furthermore, our company is the only company in our region that provides Cylinder Liner Pressing with nitrogen gas.

Our company has the ability to hone the surfaces of 265 cm long blocks. Also, we are able to do the crankshaft grinding work up to 295 cms.



We provide these services under the expertise of our company:

  • Crankshaft Grinding And Polishing
  • Main Bearing Nner Cap Boring
  • Crank Pin Bearing Inner Cap Boring
  • Bushing Rod Boring
  • Liner Press And Nitrining
  • Reconditioning, Honing And Surface Grinding
  • Surface Roughness Test
  • Cylinder Head Revision
  • Socket Honing And Grading
  • Guide Production And Reaming

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In our services, we pay utmost importance to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, to establish a quality management system and apply it to greatest efficiency, and to improve upon our own standarts in a daily basis.

With 47 years of experience in our field, we introduce the finest quality work, utilising our team of qualified mechanics which consist of 11 master technicians and 5 service vehicles in order to comply with the requirements of our customers in the best and fastest possible manner. We provide highest quality in all our craftsmanship thanks to our delicate workshop equipment and our professional technicians who are experts in their fields. We are going to deliver our services without compromising on quality in the future.


Tolga UYAR Egeli Motor

Egeli Motor; müşteri memnuniyeti ilkesini, hizmetinin odak noktası haline getirerek, müşteri potansiyelini her geçen gün arttırmayı ve servis hizmetini her zaman en iyi kalitede sunmayı amaçlamaktadır. Kalite ve güven ilkelerinden taviz vermeden hakkı gözeten bir anlayışla hizmete devam etmektedir..

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Our company is established in 1977 in Canakkale, Turkey. Our company moved to Izmir, Turkey in 1986 and we continue our services until then. In our 47 years of service history, by following the latest technological developments in world-wide produced gasoline and diesel-powered engines, we provided our own development, reaching the capacity to comply with the requirements of the ever-developing sector.

Staying in correspondance with the manufacturers on new generation engine technologies, our company provided significant improvements in our field on application of the improved materials on engines. Instead of obtaining the company personnel from the market, our company has the ability and system to provide in- service training to our staff to the highest quality and service standarts.

Since 2004, our TSI (Turkish Standarts Institue) and SCC (Service Competence Certificate) certified company continues its services with a staff of 11 technicians and 5 support vehicles in a 400 squaremeters indoor area. Without compromising from quality and trust, we continue our services in a righteous understanding.

Çatlak Testi


In order to detect the cracks on engine and cylinder head (Malfunction of compression leakage) , a Crack Test is carried out, by applying heat and pressure.

The part to be tested is taken to the crack detection bench and heated to 80 centigrades and applied pressure.



The term “endoscopy” is commonly used in medicine. The equipment that enables the visual inspection on normally nonvisible parts is called Endoscopy.

With endoscopy, by accessing the engines from injectors, we are able to track the malfunctions in the inner parts of cylinders..



Vehicle motors are prone to rusting. Being suspected to constant heat , oil steam and dust from fans, when contacted with water, the rusting occasionally takes place.

With high concentrated, water-based and solvent-free engine cleaning product, the engine is purified of all oil and dirt..

It is the reconditioning procedure that is done based upon the values obtained as a result of various technical inspection and evaluation processes.
The most significant reconditioning process that affects the overall performance and lifetime of the engine is the procedure called “honing”. After the reconditioning of engine cylinders, in order for the pistons to work properly inside the cylinder, the honing procedure is applied upon the cylinder surface.
Crankshaft grinding procedure is a delicate grinding process of the cylindrical surfaces in the crankshaft based upon the standart specifications of the manufacturer. The sensivity of the applied procedure is measured by account of the oil film formation between crankshaft and the main bearing to be %1 of milimetric measure on average during engine operation.
Since 2020, our company has been providing guaranteed engine replacement service to authorized services as a member of GMY.


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